Business Mentoring

When you want something and really believe in yourself, you can make it happen!

The most important aspect of this mentoring programme for entrepreneurs and professionals is helping you to believe in yourself more and recognise the value of what you do responsibly and effectively.

Business Mentoring​ - UVJ Expanding innovation
Il tuo percorso di crescita - UVJ Expanding innovation

Your Growth Path

We created this mentoring programme for entrepreneurs and professionals to infuse businesspeople and their collaborators with newfound confidence, hope and inspiration to “attract” customers and ensure their loyalty. Inspiring others helps them to feel that they are part of something and have a clear sense of direction, and motivates and encourages them to do bigger and better things.

During their time in a company, people have to take on different roles: that of an entrepreneur, manager, professional, supervisor, partner, leader, etc.

This is why it is so important to have and know how to find mentors, guides and “models” who can quickly upgrade your “toolbox” with the experience and skills needed to fulfil specific roles.

What Do You Really Want?

Maybe you are feeling confused by everything that is happening in the world due to the coronavirus. Maybe your hopeful vision for a brighter future is not quite as crystal clear as it once was. Maybe you feel stuck, or can no longer see how to do more or better.

Keep calm, you’re in good hands!

What you are feeling is just the same as many other people like you and me, not because they are bad or mistaken, but simply because our beautiful Italy has never experienced a situation in its history that has shaken everything we thought we knew and left most of our economy in tatters.

The market and its rules have changed and we all have to take back control of our lives and our businesses!

This is why we are here for you and have created this mentoring programme for entrepreneurs.

Never give up!

Call with confidence for a meeting.

Act Now

Having to tackle tricky situations, change and frustration is a normal part of life as an entrepreneur. In the face of corporate restructuring, taking on a new role in the company, generational transition, and during a crisis, negative thoughts and behaviours often emerge that only make a situation worse.

Pretending it isn’t happening or trying to resolve the problem on your own, often with the same methods that caused the problem in the first place, won’t get you anywhere.

You’re Not Alone

We are people just like you who have never faltered when faced with a crisis or failure. We have developed the necessary resilience to find new paths and new solutions to reach our goals. We have been doing this for thirty years and worked with people in every business sector.

Non sei solo​ - UVJ Expanding innovation
UVJ Per chi è questo percorso Per chi è questo percorso? - UVJ Expanding innovation

Who Can Do This Programme?

Our individual and team mentoring programmes are not cut out for anyone looking for last-minute shortcuts.

  • Start up
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Professionals
  • Managers
  • Corporate Teams

If you really are set on achieving new and better results in business, you must be prepared to put yourself out there, pull out all the stops, work hard and be 100% committed.

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What Do You Really Want?